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The Top 5 Characteristics of a Viral Campaign

Going Viral

The top 5 characteristics of a viral campaign are:

  1. Keeping it fresh
  2. Call to Action
  3. Comical
  4. Story telling
  5. Evoke emotion

Keeping it fresh is an important characteristic for social media to stay relevant. There are a lot of reused social posts that circle around, but keeping the content fresh and new will invite new followers of the organization’s social networks. New posts or content created keeps the audience wanting to see more. The old content tends to get stale.

A call to action tends to provoke the audience to “share” the content. If a post were to say “share if you agree” the post will entice the audience to be part of the conversation. It empowers the audience and allows them to tell their friends how they feel about a subject without creating the content. A call to action is a great way to help a post go viral.

Comical content can go viral simply by making the audience laugh. If the reader laughs out loud there is high chance the reader will “share” the content. A funny post or ad can go viral depending on how funny it is. Comedy is an important tool in social media. In my view, comedy is one of the best tools to make a post go viral.

Telling a story is a great way to create a viral post. People like stories especially when they are true. A short story can go a long distance in social media if the story has quality to it. A compelling or touching story can go viral when it relates to the audience reading it. This will cause the audience to “share” the content.


Emotion is another great characteristic for a campaign to go viral. A video or story with emotion can touch the hearts of many people. These emotional stories/posts will get the reader involved by sharing the content and telling their friends and family about it. A great example of this is the ad ‘Always’ put on called #LikeaGirl which asks the individuals to run like a girl, to fight like a girl, and to throw like a girl. It is a great ad that opens the eyes of individuals being asked.

To make a campaign go viral, it is important to use at least one of these characteristics. People want relevant content to relate to or enjoy. This will make or break the campaign. Do not go stale and plain. Do not tell a boring story. Get creative and excited about the campaign and watch it go viral.

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Blog with a side of Klout

I took a social media course in college which help to start my blog. Before this course I had knowledge of social media, but blogs scared me. I was afraid to get involved with blogging because I didn’t understand it fully. I have grown a lot in this course and I recomend this caurse to everyone I know! I have created a blog account which I am very happy about. I will be continuing my blog and develop more of an audience. I have seen only positives about the blog activities. We were allowed to blog about our industry which makes it truly exciting. Not only is it exciting, but we are blogging about social media in our industry. There are not a lot of people blogging about social media. Because of the social media theme of the blog, I have had 4 different countries read my blog; from of course the USA, then Mexico, Russian Federation, and Saudi Arabia. It is exciting knowing people from other countries are viewing my blog. This entices me to continue blogging. I can’t wait to continue blogging. I plan creating another blog about video games. It is a hobby of mine. I have played video games for the most part of my life. I still want to continue my blogging on social media. It seems important for people involved with social media to continue engaging with other social media guru’s. I am also interested in creating my own url with wordpress. I believe it will be

klout-score-graphic-e1355785069810-980x450 (1)

My Klout score has grown to over 56. I started at 49 and just a couple days ago I reached my 90 day high of 60. During the course of this class my Klout score has had a huge increase. I am starting to utilize my Klout scheduling; I know this will improve my Klout score too. My score increased due to the knowledge I gained in this class. I am truly happy about taking this course and will continue my education probably for the rest of my life. I will leave you with one question, what is your Klout score?


Hollywood’s Social Paradigm

Social Media and Hollywood films are beginning to marry. Studies have found that the more people talk about films in social media, the more likely these people will buy a movie ticket. In fact, people who share movie content are six times more likely to purchase a movie ticket than the general public. This statistic shows that sharing is a strong indicator of purchase intent. The correlation of social sharing is even higher when people share content of family/faith films. Family/Faith movie content sharers are eleven times more likely to purchase a movie ticket.


Regular movie goers who watch movies three or more times a month are 73% more likely to share content on social media. This points out that the content sharers are the ones to target for ticket sales. Another interesting statistic is that people who buy movie tickets online are 70% more likely to share movie content on social media. This makes finding the social media “influencers” for movie goers are very lucrative for a business stand point.


Movie goers are more likely to use Twitter, email and Reddit than the general population. This is an interesting statement since a higher percentage of influential people on social media are on Twitter. There is a large difference between content sharers on Twitter than on any other social network. The influential social posters tend to be on twitter and are very likely to share content. Out of this group you see the high percentage of movie goers.


Facebook is still the number one social network and should be treated as it is. Number of users are slowly declining, but the numbers are so vastly large that Facebook will still hold the number one spot for a short while. I believe twitter will continue to grow, either way both networks should be used in sharing movie content. Movies have been taking a large hit in the box office lately which should be a sign to find new ways of finding the movie ticket buyers and letting them know what is out there. Steven Spielberg said “…there’s going to be an implosion-or a big meltdown. There’s going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half dozen megabudget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that’s going to change the paradigm.” I believe the new paradigm is the social media platform. It is the way people are viewing the films and the way the filmmakers are going to making their money back form the millions put into a film. The new paradigm is still developing and will very soon find it’s grooves and glide to be the Hollywood we know it is. Hollywood has changed the way countries act and think. Hollywood is a global influencer that will take it’s grasps of social media and lead the world in a new global social entertainment paradigm.


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Hollywood’s Top App

Movie Slate logo

A filmmakers dream come true. For those working in Hollywood, everyone knows keeping track of shots can be a nightmare if not done correctly. If the shot that was taken two weeks ago was not logged correctly, then the producers will be having a fit. In Post-Production the film is edited to its completeness. Every shot will be veiwed in during production ans post-production. Years ago, these shot log data and notes were written down on paper. A shot log is information about a shot, the angle, the lighting, the scene, the time it started and the time it ended. Notes will be written down about the shot for reminders or differences between one shot and another on the same scene. The location must be written down along with audio information. There is a lot of information going into these production shot logs.

Movie Slate” is an app for your new iPhone or iPad. I’m not sure if it is available for other phones/tablets. The “Movie Slate” app gives the producer total control of each shot while it can, search, edit, duplicate the shot log data and notes. the notes for the app can show images, voice notes, and text notes.

Movie Slate

All of this is done in the app and most importantly the shot log data can easily be exported through email for various history reports. Each producer hanging around the set can receive their own shot log data through email everyday. The history and notes can be emailed in various report formats. This allows for quick imports into computer spreadsheets and databases. The app allows each shot to also be valued or rated for audio and video quality. The rating system is for the director/producer to help them figure out which shots they liked the most.

The very important reports can be done in html, xml, csv, ale, and multi-cam report. These reports are easy to read reports that can be viewed in any computer web browser. The reports can contain shot and note data for import into FinalCut 7 (sml) and FinalCut X for professional editing. It can also export into Avid (ale), both of which are known as the industry standard for editing film. If you are into film-making or are working in the industry, Movie*Slate is a wonderful app to keep everything organized in a production.

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