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My Experience at a Trump Rally


The Trump rally was amazing! As I was parking I saw about 20 police officers on horseback, about 40 different motorcycles and an untold amount of police in padded raid gear with their helmets sitting beside them. After I parked in the Disneyland parking lot due to over flow parking needed, I walked in a wide fenced off walkway with police officers and security guards were on the outside and inside of the gated walkway. I felt completely safe as I felt like I was being escorted into the Anaheim Convention Center. It was quiet and peaceful walking in. I saw families with their children walking to the event as well.


As I got closer to the convention center, expecting protests to be pretty severe since it was California (I wore running shoes and a T-shirt just in case there was a fight), I saw about 4 different anti-Trump signs totaling about 7 or 8 people in total and not together. I really expected a lot more. The police seemed very calm as if nothing was happening. Walking into the event was peaceful unlike what the media portrays. After a long walk, I got to my seat at the Trump rally. The people around me were just normal people excited to be there just as I was. One man with a red “Make America Great Again” hat was giving out Trump signs to those who wanted them. Everyone was very nice and seemed to be family oriented people.

Before Trump came to the podium, we saw an African American preacher speaking about the direction of America and where it needs to go. I enjoyed listening to him speak. After the preacher, someone else spoke and seemed to get the crowd excited to hear Trump. Finally Donald J. Trump came out and the everyone stood up on their feet and gave him a standing ovation. People began chanting “USA, USA, USA” I felt as though this was the man to unite America and bring us together. I saw many African Americans there, I saw many Asian Americans, and many Latinos for Trump. We seemed to be all colors united together chanting “USA, USA, USA.” I was very excited and felt very patriotic. I was happy to see people chanting for America rather than just chanting for Trump. I felt like a proud American again!

<> on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California.
<> on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California.


When the rally was over people began walking to the exit in a calm state. I was streaming on Periscope which is pinned on my Twitter account @DanielLonen as I walked through the entire complex towards the exit. The chat on the live stream said that CNN and Fox both announced people were throwing bottled urine, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked outside. I finally exited the front doors of the Anaheim Convention Center and kept my stream going. The anticipation was building expecting a mob yelling and screaming at the Trump supporters.

As I walked with the crowd towards the parking lot, I saw about 6 or 7 Mexican people with bananas covering their faces and dressed like thugs. They were face to face with someone holding a sign that said “My wife came to the USA legally, you can too” The masked men were trying to make a ruckus and create fear. There were a few supporters around theses masked men saying “take off your masks, why are you hiding?” The masked people didn’t seem to know how to respond because the Trump supporters did not show any fear. To honest I did not feel an fear either. There were too many police around and too many of the Trump supporters for these 6-7 people to do anything. There were new cameras in the middle of this commotion. I almost felt like this was a set up, it felt very fake as if these 6-7 masked people were just trying to get on camera.


I was still live streaming and began getting a lot more viewers when I was looking at these so-called protesters. One of the masked men threw an egg and over the heads of the small crowd and randomly hit a young Trump supporter who looked to be about 16 years old. After the egg was thrown, the Trump supporters basically laughed and thought it was a bit immature. The news cameras were covering it all. I was in this small confronted crowd for about 10 minutes then left feeling as though it was just a group of people looking for attention. I really felt like it was a joke and was just for show.



As I walked to my car, there was another little group building as kids with their skateboards and backpacks on, obviously just got out of school and were too young to vote, were flipping off the Trump supporters and yelling “F-Trump!” and “F-You!” as they were smiling. This was even more immature. I finally got to my car and ended my live stream. Other than these two small little groups of people (one group too young to vote), I did not see any real protesters at the Donald Trump rally.

The protesters were a joke; there were none. I watched news when I got home and saw so-called protesters throwing rocks into Disneyland and at the police then getting arrested. Officially there were 8 people arrested and the funny thing is, these so-called protesters were not even at the rally and they showed up after all the Trump supporters left. The event, the supporters, and all the people who put on the rally were gone…it was then when the so-called protesters showed up…it was all for show and an excuse for people to riot and cause chaos.

The entire Trump rally was very peaceful from beginning to end. Bring your kids to the next rally, it is completely safe. The media is blowing it way out of proportion.


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