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Pizza and video games seem to go hand and hand. Many gamer’s order pizza when they play games at home. It is an easy tasty meal many gamer’s appreciate. Interestingly Microsoft’s Xbox partnered with Pizza Hut for a perfect partnership. People can now order pizza from their Xbox in their living rooms. The gaming does not have to stop! In the first four months Pizza Hut sold over $1 million dollars of pizza using the Xbox app. Director of public relations for Pizza Hut Doug Terfehr said “when talking about a sweet spot for the pizza category it’s definitely gamers and gaming.”


The two companies Pizza Hut and Xbox seem to be a perfect fit. When it comes to social media, the two companies rank in the top 20 for companies who lead the social network industry. Pizza Hut’s (@PizzaHut) Twitter account is on the humor side of entertainment. They post and re-tweet jokes making them feel more humanized. They use lots of pictures and videos pulling off tweets like “Dogs on dogs on dogs on dogs on dogs on dogs on dogs on pizza. ” for their new Hot Dog Pizza for National Hot Dog Day.x pizza hut hot dog

Microsoft Xbox (@XBoxSupport) uses their Twitter handle to address issues customers are having. They are one of the best, if not the best in online customer support. They have a lightning speed response rate. Digital problems arise all the time and Xbox makes sure to respond and help everyone as soon as possible. Why use a phone to call and be put on hold when you can have a quick response on Twitter. @XBoxSupport is the perfect example for customers to receive the help they need.

Xbox and Pizza Hut run the show on social media in completely different ways, entertainment and customer support. They are partnered together but use completely different strategic goals to reach their customers.

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