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A filmmakers dream come true. For those working in Hollywood, everyone knows keeping track of shots can be a nightmare if not done correctly. If the shot that was taken two weeks ago was not logged correctly, then the producers will be having a fit. In Post-Production the film is edited to its completeness. Every shot will be veiwed in during production ans post-production. Years ago, these shot log data and notes were written down on paper. A shot log is information about a shot, the angle, the lighting, the scene, the time it started and the time it ended. Notes will be written down about the shot for reminders or differences between one shot and another on the same scene. The location must be written down along with audio information. There is a lot of information going into these production shot logs.

Movie Slate” is an app for your new iPhone or iPad. I’m not sure if it is available for other phones/tablets. The “Movie Slate” app gives the producer total control of each shot while it can, search, edit, duplicate the shot log data and notes. the notes for the app can show images, voice notes, and text notes.

Movie Slate

All of this is done in the app and most importantly the shot log data can easily be exported through email for various history reports. Each producer hanging around the set can receive their own shot log data through email everyday. The history and notes can be emailed in various report formats. This allows for quick imports into computer spreadsheets and databases. The app allows each shot to also be valued or rated for audio and video quality. The rating system is for the director/producer to help them figure out which shots they liked the most.

The very important reports can be done in html, xml, csv, ale, and multi-cam report. These reports are easy to read reports that can be viewed in any computer web browser. The reports can contain shot and note data for import into FinalCut 7 (sml) and FinalCut X for professional editing. It can also export into Avid (ale), both of which are known as the industry standard for editing film. If you are into film-making or are working in the industry, Movie*Slate is a wonderful app to keep everything organized in a production.

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5 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Top App

  1. Nice blog! This looks like a pretty cool app that those in the film industry would want to use. When I first started reading this I thought it was going to be one of those apps that looks cool on an app but functions the same way a real life slate would and that’s it. The real value I see here is how it integrates with the producer’s job functions by emailing the film shot list and interfacing with the editing software. This eliminates that extra work and also reduces errors when working on post production. It would be interesting to know if any large studios are using this app and a value to the marketing team that is behind the slate app.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. It is truly a real world app that makes life easier during a production. I will be making the suggestion of this app for our film production when filming begins. We are still at least 6-9 months away from actual filming, but we are in full blown pre-production and look to release our full feature film in theaters around 2017.

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  2. It sounds as if that app really will make a difference in the production process. Being able to keep track would be very great but being able to edit in conjunction with the correct order of the shots and have every thing logged properly on a daily basis sounds like not only frosting on the cake but sprinkles and whipped cream too!

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  3. This app seems like a great idea for those in the industry. I like how it streamlines everything so that a producer can access each shot etc. Very interesting tool. I can imagine that the process was quite the headache in the past when they had to manually track everything on paper. Now that it can be shared and reviewed digitally, that is amazing. Great idea.


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