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The Social Sphere

For the most part of today’s social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ continue to be the top forces in the industry. The network with the most population is Facebook and if it were a country, it would be the third most popular country in the world behind China and India. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ make the top ten also. Google+ is slowly building and gaining ground. They are making very smart decisions as they continue building the platform. It seems as though Google+ has the best of all worlds (networks) and is making the right moves as they grow. The things helping Google+ is that Google is the number one search engine, and owns the number two search results in YouTube. Google holds the power of being found on the internet, so having an account with Google+ will help anybody be found. A new attribute for Google+ is the fact that you can now make a business page that can be managed through your personal account.

Social media is so predominate now that the word “selfie” is currently in the Webster’s dictionary. The definition is: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. It is considered a noun.

If I haven’t spoken enough about Google+, then here is a little more. Google+ is similar to a Facebook account where you post information with or without a photo. Your post can then be searchable through Google’s search engine. The search engine optimization (SEO) using Google+ will easily be made since the content is coming from the number one search engine in the world. Google+ allows you to create events that can show up like a post. They also have “Hangouts” with is a video conferencing attribute for your business or private group. The commenting, sharing and tagging all helps others be aware of certain content.

The coolest part about Google+ is you can make a post and decide who is allowed to see it. They have “circles” which is a way to choose who will be in a specific social circle without the individual knowing what circle you put them in. For example I may make a post that is somewhat confidential and only want my family to view it. I will make the post and share it simply to my family circle. This “circle” option gives the power of content to the individual who is posting; something other social networks do not have.

I predict Google+ to dominate the social realm. So what are you waiting for? Create an account and add me to one of your circles! I am a friendly guy who enjoys spheres. In the meantime, enjoy the quick social media video posted above.

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10 thoughts on “The Social Sphere

  1. Awesome blog, Daniel. Love the stats and the imbedded video was really informative and eye opening. Only thing is that I read an article that Instagram is up and coming and it wasn’t mentioned. Just saying, it might be worth looking into.


  2. Your right joellalukehart. Instagram should have definitely been in the blog. Instagram has 200 million active users and 75 million use Instagram every day. Instagram is a top contender when it comes to social media. The average age demographic for Instagram is 10% lower than Twitter. But if we are talking Instagram, then we should be talking Snapchat who have 100 million users. Both Instagram and Snapchat are photo based apps which have a younger demographic than the other top apps. Facebook is getting older and kids now days are looking at Facebook as an adult thing. The younger ones want apps their parents are not on. I can see this being a cycle of social media apps as each generation moves forward.

    Average Age User
    LinkedIn 44.2
    Facebook 40.5
    Twitter 37.3
    Instagram 37% are 18-29
    Snapchat 26% are 18-29 compared to 5% 30-49


  3. Hi Daniel, Interesting blog! I do some social media personally but the majority is done for the healthcare company I work for. I guess when I’m ready to tweet or post my selfie I’m all social media’d out! Currently, because of limited resources, my company uses the big three, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You have thoroughly peaked my interest to check out Google+ both on a personal and business level. The fact that posts to Google+ and the content alone can be used to increase SEO is extremely appealing to me from a business stand point. After reading your blog I did a little more research on Google+ and found it interesting that Google+ has a review component that will show up in search results allowing potential consumers to possibly be influenced to choose their business.

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    1. I think the SEO and search results are all high points for me too. Google+ is still developing and improving. I can see this platform becoming a very popular network. It works similar to Facebook in the way it posts photos and comments. It will be short learning curve for those who switch from Facebook to Google+. Not that you have to switch, but you can run both accounts. 🙂


  4. Google+ seems to have the advantage of it’s roots to help it eventually dominate Facebook. Being a search engine itself, I am concerned about the privacy of users. With social media and sharing, that is typically my primary deterrent. I do not want personal information to leave my “circle.” If Google+ can guarantee that the two lines want cross, I am in!

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    1. I believe the circles addresses this problem. No one can see who is in your circles and the circles are used to share the information to whom you want. The distrust in using the circles, like not trusting that your circles will not mix is similar to trusting the messages on Facebook stay private. You can never know what can happen, but the likelihood of information mixing together is slim. I think the circles is something you can trust, but nothing is ever 100%.


  5. Hi Daniel,
    Do you believe that any other networks could come out of the woodwork and suddenly become number one? I personally really dislike G+ but I use Hangouts constantly at work. I use it mostly because we are not allowed to use our phones or to be on social networks at all during the day.
    Would you use Ello? I don’t see the appeal yet, but what do you think?

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    1. I think it is possible that Google+ will be a starting point for another network to arise. They could use all the good points about Google+ has and take it to another level. So far Google+ is still lagging behind the popularity vote. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn are still running the show. However, people are starting to look for the next best thing and Google has all the great pointers everyone wants…and to put the cherry on top, being on Google+ helps your SEO.


  6. I like the idea of the circles, rather than have everybody and anybody see your posts and possibly make negative comments. There seems to be a bit more control with Google+ than some other social media platforms.

    The fact that your posts can be searchable makes life easy for those looking for specific information from specific people. This put control right back to Google and it’s registered members.

    I signed up for a Google+ account a while ago, but have not yet been fully submerged in it or the features; looks like I have some homework to do!


    1. The circles are a wonderful idea for any social network. I agree with you sgmorrill. The privacy of what you post is in the account holders control. I love that idea and I’m not sure why other social platforms don’t give the account holders more control like Google+.

      I did the same, I signed up for a Google+ account and did nothing with it. It took me some time before I started to dabble in the platform, but I was also learning that they were still developing it. In fact it was only recently when they finished developing the business page. You can now start and run a page for your business without having to create another email account. You can run the page similarly to Facebook’s business/celebrity page.


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