What Social Media Tools Should I Use?

There are many tools a social media guru can use. The world is full of them with countless numbers of ways to help and support social media creators. I believe it is important to monitor your social outlets to better support the platforms you are on. I am going to compare a couple of monitoring tools. Tweetdeck is a great way to follow tweets from different accounts. You can monitor all the tags, mentions, and notifications on all the twitter accounts you manage. All this information will be on one page with live scrolling columns. Tweetdeck allows social media managers to monitor in one simple customization location. There have been rumors of Tweetdeck being taken down, but it hasn’t happened yet. For those who want an alternative to Tweetdeck, Hootsuite is a wonderful platform to monitor your tweets and is just as customizable as Tweetdeck is. Hootsuite monitors 52 languages and works with 26 different social media networkds. It is a dashboard that allows the monitoring of several social networks in the same location. Hootsuite allows you to customize the in coming information of your popular social media sites. Hootsuite also gives you analytic’s for your the sites you manage which is a big plus.  You can create different reports depending on what you want to analyze.

When you are looking to hear what people are saying across blogs and news sites, UberVU is like Hootsuite but in a more larger scale. UberVU’s analytic tools finds the profession and education of individuals who are talking about your subject. It is important to know who your influencers are for your subject. You can compare past campaigns to present ones and learn from them. UberVU has the capability of creating very professional analytic reports to show in conferences or to customers to support a product. There are endless ways to help your managing of social media using UberVU. If you like UberVU, then you will definitely like Sysomos an even larger scale than UberVU. Sysomos is for the global reach of social monitoring finding the key influences for business products and how well campaigns are doing in particular areas. With great analysis and back office reports, Sysomos can show reports from different countries and different languages. Sysomos monitors 186 languages including slang words. It also provides a two year historical report and comparisons of campaigns for your company. The learning curb is small, people can learn the system with ease. Sysomos has excellent administration support and is a clear champion in monitoring for the international arena.

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4 thoughts on “What Social Media Tools Should I Use?

  1. This is a great reminder that HootSuite can be a powerful tool in streamlining the content that we post and share. I often make my life harder than it needs to be and toggle between the individual social applications on my phone. I went back to compare the desktop and mobile versions of HootSuite and will likely start to use the mobile version a bit more. Also, the idea of using the snipped URL’s through HootSuite is appealing, however, it’s also nice to use bit.ly and capture all my link stats in one place.


  2. I had no idea that you were able to download an app that would keep track of all hashtags. Social media has really come a long way in catering to their users. I found this blog to be extremely informative and interesting; these apps are definitely something I’ll look into!

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  3. Yay someone else who uses Hootsuite! I feel like it’s always a struggle to find someone who uses it because there are so many options out there for social media managers to use. It was the first dashboard app that I started using and I have loved every update and extension since.

    I have heard of UberVU before but always end up passing it up. What is your take on it? Do you like the analytic layouts?


    1. I actually haven’t used UberVU, but I use UberConference which is a nice phone conference tool. But I did notice just recently that Hootsuite acquired UberVU and are now partnered together. UberVu is a great analytic tool that is now part of Hootsuite. Then just two weeks ago Hootsuite spent $60 million to partner with a global institutional investor. Hootsuites total financing is now at $250 million. They are truly improving their service to bring them into a global competitor. The partnered with Zeetl, a social telephone company, Hootsuite is still looking to improve even more. I like what they are doing with the company. They are truly looking to expand and to perfect their social tool.

      Hootsuite. (2014). Hootsuite. In Hootsuite Closes $60 Million in Financing, Acquires Voice Technology Company. Retrieved from http://blog.hootsuite.com/60-million-financing-zeetl-acquisition/


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