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Portfolio, The Warren Buffett Way



Amidst the United Kingdom exiting the EU and DOW Jones dropping each day after the Brexit; there is still a silver lining in all this stock exchange mess. There has been a history of raising with big percentages the year after. To add to Brexit, during Presidential election years, the market tends to drop then rise again. I look to see stock soar next year no matter who the president is. Right now seems to be an excellent time to buy stock and expand your portfolio. It is a good time to buy after a market plummet. If you decide to invest in some stocks soon, here is my top 5 stock choices.

Businessman holding a transparent screen with an inscription a t
Businessman holding a transparent screen with an inscription a top five. Business, technology, internet and networking concept.

The top five portfolio of common stocks I will put together whose stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange will be on Warren Buffet’s top 10 list of dividends paid in 2016. According to The Street, each of Buffett’s top 10 “comprises at least 0.8% of his public equity portfolio and has a dividend yield of 2.5% or higher” (The Street, Page 2).


I think it is smart to at least take a look at Warren Buffett’s portfolio and the decisions the multi-billionaire is making. My first decision will be to add General Motors (GM) which pays $0.38 per share quarterly yielding 5.27% and a Beta of 1.73 providing great returns as of late. My second stock to add to my portfolio will be IBM (IBM) which pays out $1.40 per share and yielding 3.8%. The Beta for IBM is 0.71 revealing low risk and providing solidity and safety to my portfolio, but also decent dividends paid. My third stock to add to my portfolio will be Phillips 66 (PSX) which has recently increased their dividends to $0.63 and is yielding 3.2%. I honestly did not know anything about Phillips 66 until I found out that Warren Buffett has been purchasing hundreds of millions worth of stock with them. Phillips 66 is an energy manufacturing and logistics company with a Beta of 1.49 which is mostly betting on the four segments of midstream, chemicals, refining, and marketing and specialties.


My fourth stock will be Wells Fargo (WFC) which is a company with a long history of paying dividends. Wells Fargo lowered their dividends to five cents during the 2008 market crash, but has since increased it to $0.38 yielding 3.25% dividends. This stock is Warren Buffett’s second largest stock holding in his portfolio revealing some trust in this stock with a Beta of 0.94. My fifth stock I will be investing in will be Coca-Cola (KO) my favorite beverage to drink; as Warren Buffett says about Coca-Cola “I’m the kind of guy who likes to bet on sure things, no business has ever failed with happy customers – and you’re selling happiness” (The Street, Page 6). The Beta for Coca-Cola is 0.53 and paying dividends of $0.35 yielding 3.11%. Coca-Cola has paid quarterly dividends since 1920 and has increased dividends every year for the last 50 years. Warren Buffett owns over 400 million shares of Coca-Cola compiling 14.4% of his public equity portfolio.


My Portfolio                           Beta                Dividends Per-Share          Current Ticket


General Motors (GM)           1.73                $0.38 Quarterly                     $ 29.02

IBM (IBM)                               0.71                $1.40 Quarterly                     $151.06

Phillips 66 (PSX)                 1.49                $0.63 Quarterly                     $ 79.43

Wells Fargo (WFC)              0.94                $0.38 Quarterly                     $ 46.85

Coca-Cola (KO)                    0.53                $0.35 Quarterly                     $ 45.31


My portfolio will have some solid ground to stand on with decent dividends paid per quarter. My portfolio also has a couple high risk high reward stocks which seem to show a promising return in the near future. My portfolio reflects Warren Buffett who is the billionaire known as “The Oracle of Omaha.” Many people follow his footsteps when it comes to investing.

wall street

In my portfolio each company will have a portfolio weight of 20%.


General Motors (GM) has a 0.346 beta weight in my portfolio.

IBM (IBM) has a 0.142 beta weight in my portfolio.

Phillips 66 (PSX) has a 0.298 weight in my portfolio.

Wells Fargo (WFC) has a 0.188 weight in my portfolio.

Coca-Cola (KO) has a 0.106 weight in my portfolio.


My overall Beta for my portfolio would be 1.08 revealling a relatively safe portfolio with some possible nice returns.


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My Experience at a Trump Rally


The Trump rally was amazing! As I was parking I saw about 20 police officers on horseback, about 40 different motorcycles and an untold amount of police in padded raid gear with their helmets sitting beside them. After I parked in the Disneyland parking lot due to over flow parking needed, I walked in a wide fenced off walkway with police officers and security guards were on the outside and inside of the gated walkway. I felt completely safe as I felt like I was being escorted into the Anaheim Convention Center. It was quiet and peaceful walking in. I saw families with their children walking to the event as well.


As I got closer to the convention center, expecting protests to be pretty severe since it was California (I wore running shoes and a T-shirt just in case there was a fight), I saw about 4 different anti-Trump signs totaling about 7 or 8 people in total and not together. I really expected a lot more. The police seemed very calm as if nothing was happening. Walking into the event was peaceful unlike what the media portrays. After a long walk, I got to my seat at the Trump rally. The people around me were just normal people excited to be there just as I was. One man with a red “Make America Great Again” hat was giving out Trump signs to those who wanted them. Everyone was very nice and seemed to be family oriented people.

Before Trump came to the podium, we saw an African American preacher speaking about the direction of America and where it needs to go. I enjoyed listening to him speak. After the preacher, someone else spoke and seemed to get the crowd excited to hear Trump. Finally Donald J. Trump came out and the everyone stood up on their feet and gave him a standing ovation. People began chanting “USA, USA, USA” I felt as though this was the man to unite America and bring us together. I saw many African Americans there, I saw many Asian Americans, and many Latinos for Trump. We seemed to be all colors united together chanting “USA, USA, USA.” I was very excited and felt very patriotic. I was happy to see people chanting for America rather than just chanting for Trump. I felt like a proud American again!

<> on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California.
<> on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California.


When the rally was over people began walking to the exit in a calm state. I was streaming on Periscope which is pinned on my Twitter account @DanielLonen as I walked through the entire complex towards the exit. The chat on the live stream said that CNN and Fox both announced people were throwing bottled urine, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked outside. I finally exited the front doors of the Anaheim Convention Center and kept my stream going. The anticipation was building expecting a mob yelling and screaming at the Trump supporters.

As I walked with the crowd towards the parking lot, I saw about 6 or 7 Mexican people with bananas covering their faces and dressed like thugs. They were face to face with someone holding a sign that said “My wife came to the USA legally, you can too” The masked men were trying to make a ruckus and create fear. There were a few supporters around theses masked men saying “take off your masks, why are you hiding?” The masked people didn’t seem to know how to respond because the Trump supporters did not show any fear. To honest I did not feel an fear either. There were too many police around and too many of the Trump supporters for these 6-7 people to do anything. There were new cameras in the middle of this commotion. I almost felt like this was a set up, it felt very fake as if these 6-7 masked people were just trying to get on camera.


I was still live streaming and began getting a lot more viewers when I was looking at these so-called protesters. One of the masked men threw an egg and over the heads of the small crowd and randomly hit a young Trump supporter who looked to be about 16 years old. After the egg was thrown, the Trump supporters basically laughed and thought it was a bit immature. The news cameras were covering it all. I was in this small confronted crowd for about 10 minutes then left feeling as though it was just a group of people looking for attention. I really felt like it was a joke and was just for show.



As I walked to my car, there was another little group building as kids with their skateboards and backpacks on, obviously just got out of school and were too young to vote, were flipping off the Trump supporters and yelling “F-Trump!” and “F-You!” as they were smiling. This was even more immature. I finally got to my car and ended my live stream. Other than these two small little groups of people (one group too young to vote), I did not see any real protesters at the Donald Trump rally.

The protesters were a joke; there were none. I watched news when I got home and saw so-called protesters throwing rocks into Disneyland and at the police then getting arrested. Officially there were 8 people arrested and the funny thing is, these so-called protesters were not even at the rally and they showed up after all the Trump supporters left. The event, the supporters, and all the people who put on the rally were gone…it was then when the so-called protesters showed up…it was all for show and an excuse for people to riot and cause chaos.

The entire Trump rally was very peaceful from beginning to end. Bring your kids to the next rally, it is completely safe. The media is blowing it way out of proportion.


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Corporate Outsourcing


Outsourcing helps emerging economies by providing more jobs for their country. A large corporation may decide to outsource their manufacturing in order to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions. The value of the currency is what will make the largest impact on a corporation. It would cost one tenth of the normal labor wages to manufacture in a country such as India versus manufacturing in the United States. The wages the corporation will be paying the local people in India will be equivalent to what the US workers would have made but cost a lot less to do it. Many people in the United States frown on corporations that outsource. I personally do not see it as a negative; however the loss of jobs from the corporation leaving the country could cause some issues. This is where corporate outsourcing may or may not help them develop country it is leaving.

'We Want Our Jobs Back'
‘We Want Our Jobs Back’

At first glance it seems the corporation is costing the developed country or let’s says the United States, thousands of jobs. Americans will begin thinking that these thousands of people are now left without a job but then the corporation hires thousands of non-Americans. I can see how this can be bad PR in the United States. There are a lot statistics and research’s that support outsourcing for the developed country. Many say that the re-movement of the corporation will open up doors for the employees left behind. In fact the majority of jobs in the United States is created by small businesses and the outsourcing will provide a much lower price of products to sell which also combats national inflation. Patrick Dixon form Global Change stated that “research shows some of the new economic activity generated in developing countries by outsourcing will generate new demand for goods and services in the country where the jobs have moved from the developed countries. It has been estimated that every dollar that US corporations spend on outsourcing to India gets $0.33 cents and the US economy benefits by $1.14.”

What are your thoughts on Outsourcing?




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One World Government

world pulled apart

The Gold Standard was doing so well before changes were made after the second world war. This is an interesting subject about world currencies and how global GDP was on an all-time high during the gold standard system. I have done some reading on the Freemasonry, supposedly they have plans of a one world government. This would probably bring in one global currency as well. To add to this controversial conspiracy, the Bible talks about a one world currency during the end times. when I look at the history of the global currencies, it makes sense to go back to a one world currency like the Gold Standard. History shows that the Gold Standard held very high global GDP numbers and globalization and growth percentages were on an all-time high. I know talking about freemasonry and the Bible is a little off subject, but I thought it kind of made sense to talk about it since it related to one government and one currency. The fact remains, the gold standard is still the most perfect system ever created. Looking into the business world and globalization, in which I am studying for my International MBA with focus of Social Media Marketing, the fact that history shows a very strong global economy with the single world currency.

world army

If the world economy were to collapse, the entire world would feel it. The strongest currencies in the world in order by rank, the US Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound, and the Swiss Franc would cause some serious global issues. I know many people talk about the US dollar weakening, however, the USD is still the number one currency in the world and the United States of America is still the world’s largest economy. There are many countries who trade in US dollars because their own currency has loss too much value and was hurting their country. The dollarization countries use the USD as their home currency. Other countries such as Japan use the US dollar as a reserve to their currency. For example, if their currency depreciates too much, they would use USD to control their depreciation. Of course every country uses this strategy including the United States; however the USD and EUR are the worlds consistent currency.

gold coins

In my previous post I wrote about the gold standard which was the world’s greatest monetary system ever created.

“The gold standard monetary global system was the most prolific system ever created. From 1870-1914 the gold standard showed large GDP numbers around the world. Practically every country was showing growth in numbers not comparable today. In fact the comparison is not even in the same ball park. During this time, actual gold coins were being used for sell and trade. Most of the countries in the world had the same currency “gold” and would have no problem investing in other countries. GDP high numbers were a norm back then with percentages as high as 6-9% with various countries seeing even higher. Let’s look at China’s GDP before their recent crash; they were at a steady 7% and 9%. This was looked at by the world as amazing and un-speakable growth. Well before World War I, these numbers were the norm for every country. The gold standard is recognized as the most perfect system ever created. “

world together

It would make sense in the global business world to bring the global economy on a high growth level such as it was back in 1870-1914 before World War I. Almost every country in the world were seeing growth as the likes of China in recent years. Back then it was normal to see such growth, today it is almost un-real to see such growth. In fact, many people questioned the GDP numbers China was posting for various reasons we will not go into. However, China still had tremendous growth.


Back to my point, history tells a story that one world currency is a very good thing. A one world currency would need to have a one world government or what others would say “One World Order” for the global economy to grow as it did in the past. If the conspiracy theories were true of the Freemasonry, building a one world order controlled by high level people, then the world could agree to their high growth global economic system. This one world order is also foretold in the Bible in great detail. The one currency, one world government would be controlled by the top 10 world leaders. Probably selected by the top 10 countries in the world.

world one

The top 10 Kingdoms, Countries, Nations, Empires, Territories, or Provinces with an 11th also involved. The one in charge would be like a Prime Minister or President of the one world government who would administer peace through power. During this time of global economic stabilization, technology would make it really easy for people to purchase everyday items such as milk, bread, and water through a digital devise. Since the entire world would be using this technology, it would be understandable to need a secure way to determine identification and to keep personal bank information locked down. The Bible foretells this technology would be accessible through some implant, marking, or something embedded in either the right hand or the forehead.

mark of the beast

The Bible refers the world leader as a beast and “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17


This new world order or one world government would create safety under one global currency. According to USAHitman (I have no idea who he is) quoted Pope Benedict XVI stated “construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority,” proposing global peace and justice. This quote may not be true, but the Pope’s idea of a world government is to bring politicians together for judgment and practical guidelines. History shows this global government would stimulate tremendous growth and a prosperous future. However, this Biblical warning is pretty severe. If you have any belief at all in the Bible, this future will be the start of a gruesome end to the world. Read the Bible and understand what the warning is, one of which is to avoid this economic marking/implant that is embedded in the either the right hand or the forehead which is called “the mark of the beast.” As you can imagine, this scenario will create an uprising of millions of people not wanting to take the economical marking (mark of the beast).


However you look at the one world government, the economic impact of one world currency would make a huge impact across the world. Education is self-enlightenment and a growth of awareness which can only better prepare you for the future; I implore you to self-enlighten and read the Bible, which is considered a proven history book with countless successful military tactics, business strategies and economic prosperity.



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The Gold Standard & Today

gold coin Czechoslovakia_1934_10_Ducats.jpg

The gold standard monetary global system was the most prolific system ever created. From 1870-1914 the gold standard showed large GDP numbers around the world. Practically every country was showing growth in numbers not comparable today. In fact the comparison is not even in the same ball park. During this time, actual gold coins were being used for sell and trade. Most of the countries in the world had the same currency “gold” and would have no problem investing in other countries. GDP high numbers were a norm back then with percentages as high as 6-9% with various countries seeing even higher. Let’s look at China’s GDP before their recent crash; they were at a steady 7% and 9%. This was looked at by the world as amazing and un-speakable growth. Well before World War I, these numbers were the norm for every country. The gold standard is recognized as the most perfect system ever created.

gold coins

The Bretton Woods monetary system was created after World War II and to address the economic difficulties some countries were partaking in. This system was to establish commercial and financial relations among countries in 1945. I wasn’t until 1971 when the United States terminated the convertibility of the USD to gold which is known as the “Nixon shock” and ended the Bretton Woods system. the USD was considered a flat currency while states began reserving the US dollar. This began a process of free-floating currencies, the US dollar and the Britain pound began the Floating Rate System where the market forces are what determine the exchange rate between two currencies. The floating system naturally adjusts and is isolated from shocks created from other countries. This gives government’s economic independence without the effects of external economic performances.

gold bars

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China Has Seen Better Days

As we all know, China has seen better days. The stocks in China have fallen so hard that it is said to be the “weakest economic growth in a quarter century.” The yuan has continued to depreciate while the world is wondering if they will be dragging the entire world down with them. The economic exposure is so severe, people have worried about the end of days or the end of the world. For those reading these words who live in the United States of America, China’s collapse will not put us in a worse economic position. The United States is a $15 trillion dollar economy; that is $15 trillion coming in and $15 trillion going out. The business Unites States has with China is only $150 billion, not to say it’s not a lot of money, but $150 billion dollars is only 1% of our economic prowess.


The economic exposure has set Hang Seng China Enterprises Index on a trading level that puts a lot of pressure on future options mostly held by large banks like Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. It is possible the investors will begin to lose their principal if the levels of stock continue to fall. The stocks are predicted to fall even faster very soon. The large banks will respond to this economic risk and sell their futures to reduce their hedge. William Chan, the head of Asia Pacific equity derivatives research said “as the market goes lower from here, the downward move may accelerate. There will be a large amount of hedging in futures which dealers need to unwind.” The economic exposure could be seeing more economic crashing in the near future for China. We can only hope China will listen to the market and use their prideful communistic pressure against the market.

china stocks

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The Coffee Chain

Serving Coffee

The local coffee shops serving coffee grown from different counties uses a transportation system for their global supply chain. Coffee is a profitable business while more coffee shops open up every year with 55,246 shops projected in the United States which is a growth of 1,260 more shops than 2015. The year 2015 had 1,303 more shops than the previous year (2014). The industry is still growing with more transportation needed to accomplish their global supply chain necessities. The coffee beans are grown in various countries. Many countries like Ethiopia and Kenya will grow the coffee beans from plants. These farmers will then pick the cherries from the tree and eventually peal the cherry off the seed or eventual coffee bean. These seeds are then dried out usually by the sun. These beans then go through a process called “milling the beans” where the beans are endocarped which removes the parchment layer from wet processed coffee. After the milled coffee beans, which are now called green beans after the milling process, are then shipped out using loading ships.


Sometimes these beans are shipped to brewers, other times they are shipped to be tested where people use a procedure called cupping to taste the coffee using a sample amount from the bags. The cupper will smell the aroma and sip the coffee after it passed the visual test. After this cupping procedure the beans are then shipped using all various shipping methods to roasters where the beans turn dark brown and have an aromatic smell. Caffeol is fragrant oil locked inside each bean and is released when the bean turns brown at around 400 degree inside the bean. The roasting is done at 550 degrees. The roasting process is usually done in the importing country due to the time table of roasted beans. Freshly roasted beans must reach the consumer as quickly as possible to stay fresh. Fresh beans release air when they are packaged, so the packaging needs a valve to release the air. When the beans are stale, they will not release any more air. This is one reason you do not want to buy coffee beans that have had the air sucked out of the packaging, it is basically showing they are stale beans. Only buy the coffee bean packaging that has air in the bag.


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Future Implications

Old school marketing use a push messaging to reach the consumer, while new school marketing use a pull messaging to reach the consumer. Pushing messages is a way of interrupting the consumer like a commercial on television or telemarketer calling during dinner time. This interruption can turn the consumer off right at the start. Pull messaging is more like funneling individuals who are interested to come to; the consumer searches for the product and the organization pulls them in. The pull messaging turns into permission marketing where the marketers begin asking for consumer personal information like email address, age, income, and even phone numbers. This information is given to marketing from the loyal consumers or the people who follow the brand, they are not forced to provide the information. Personal information is given to be part of the inside information or be put on a mailers list.


Social media marketing begins with the consumer and builds relationships with them. They become loyal to the brand and more likely to purchase products. The old traditional way puts relationship last after they have bought the product. Social media builds relationships at the beginning creating the trust. It is all about connections, conversations, and community. Social media builds a community around the brand while strengthening the relationships. The future will always be relational and will be an industry that will be around for a long time. Social media may change in platforms and tools, but social networking as a relational social gathering on the digital platform is here to stay. The more you learn about social media the more you will be in tune to your industry no matter what industry you are in.

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The Top 5 Characteristics of a Viral Campaign

Going Viral

The top 5 characteristics of a viral campaign are:

  1. Keeping it fresh
  2. Call to Action
  3. Comical
  4. Story telling
  5. Evoke emotion

Keeping it fresh is an important characteristic for social media to stay relevant. There are a lot of reused social posts that circle around, but keeping the content fresh and new will invite new followers of the organization’s social networks. New posts or content created keeps the audience wanting to see more. The old content tends to get stale.

A call to action tends to provoke the audience to “share” the content. If a post were to say “share if you agree” the post will entice the audience to be part of the conversation. It empowers the audience and allows them to tell their friends how they feel about a subject without creating the content. A call to action is a great way to help a post go viral.

Comical content can go viral simply by making the audience laugh. If the reader laughs out loud there is high chance the reader will “share” the content. A funny post or ad can go viral depending on how funny it is. Comedy is an important tool in social media. In my view, comedy is one of the best tools to make a post go viral.

Telling a story is a great way to create a viral post. People like stories especially when they are true. A short story can go a long distance in social media if the story has quality to it. A compelling or touching story can go viral when it relates to the audience reading it. This will cause the audience to “share” the content.


Emotion is another great characteristic for a campaign to go viral. A video or story with emotion can touch the hearts of many people. These emotional stories/posts will get the reader involved by sharing the content and telling their friends and family about it. A great example of this is the ad ‘Always’ put on called #LikeaGirl which asks the individuals to run like a girl, to fight like a girl, and to throw like a girl. It is a great ad that opens the eyes of individuals being asked.

To make a campaign go viral, it is important to use at least one of these characteristics. People want relevant content to relate to or enjoy. This will make or break the campaign. Do not go stale and plain. Do not tell a boring story. Get creative and excited about the campaign and watch it go viral.